Our Approach

At Money Tools we start with the belief that each of us has a current way of life (our lifestyle). Sometimes it feels more like an existence, but even an existence is a lifestyle.  Whatever got you to where you are today, be it choice, accident or circumstance your journey is unique to you, and therefore this makes your way of life unique.

Likewise, most people have a desired way of life for the future. Usually people want a better way of life tomorrow than the one they lead today.  This vision for the future is again a lined to our goals and desires in life.

In addition, to our vision for the future, most of us don’t want our way of life to change for the worse either. If we cannot improve on what we have already, then at the very least it should remain the same, is this a fair assumption?

It is the idea that we can improve on our way of life or at least maintain the one we have which gives us a purpose to wake up each day, if not what’s the point of our existence?

At Money Tools we use “Financial Planning” as the term given to describe the process which gets you from the lifestyle you lead today to the one you desire for the future, whilst maintaining what you already have, whatever happens to you.

This is done by getting an understanding of what money means to you, your family and your business if appropriate. Once we understand your values then we can look at the cost of your lifestyle and maintaining this 5,10,15,20+ years into the future whatever may happen. Whilst planning the costs of the lifestyle you desire in the future.

If you prescribe to the belief that we can only become what we can imagine, then a realistic financial plan is a powerful vision of your financial future, your personal financial route map.