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What is lifestyle planning?

Our processes, routines and habits are the things we do each day, often without even thinking. They are also the things that determine our character and how we spend our money.

With lifestyle planning we look at what sort of routines you think you would need in order to run your finances successfully. What do you need to do yourself and what can you get other people to do for you?


One of the most popular mistakes we see people make over the years is when their income expands they expand their lifestyle to fill out their new income.


This creates negative results:

  1. Little is be added to savings if income is being consumed
  2. With no increased savings there is no reserve or margin for error
  3. You will have to keep working hard to keep your income at the same level. A bad month or two or an unexpected illness  and you will find yourself struggling to maintain your new lifestyle

For some reason over the past decade or so financial advice has become product advice.  Technical content has grown and our need to make some sort of decision based upon pages of analysis has made the process confusing.

Therefore, Lifestyle Planning approaches  finance from a more holistic standpoint. Making financial advice being about a whole lot more than products.

Our philosophy  is a guided process by which an individual takes stock of his or her life, clarifies goals and challenges, and identifies the steps needed to move forward.

The result of the process is to identify a clients purpose, their core values and beliefs, what are their life goals and what are their aspirations for the future. Collectively, this forms part of a clients WHY.

By understanding WHY a client wants to achieve something can we they recommend a suitable course of action and a detailed plan of HOW.

Usually this part of the process is valued the most by clients  as we discuss some of the big topics that might be meaningful to them.

There is not one mention of finance or products you will be pleased to hear!

Does this sound like you?
• Thinking about “retiring”, but not sure what that means for you?
• Having a hard time imagining life beyond your career or business?
• Concerned about what this next life stage will bring?
• Desiring to craft a more fulfilling and meaningful life?
• Worried about outliving your savings?
• Wanting a different life balance, but not knowing how to attain it?
• Considering how to leave something significant to the next generation?
• Finding no models to help you navigate this transition?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be ready to start exploring how Lifestyle planning can help you.